Wednesday, June 4, 2008

BPD7!!! Let’s make this work!!! (CO9)

Let’s start the story with him…yes is him Pete Teo again, he is famous right now because of Malaysian Artist for Unity Project. The written song, “Here in My Home” becomes hot topic for a lot of people. It is the song created for Malaysian Unity.

Well, this project inspire me a lot…the whole project is zero budget, no one who participate get paid. So what makes them so passionate to sacrifice their time without thinking twice? The answer is because they love Malaysia.

I thinking to learn something from this project and apply it in to the graduate exhibition for our class (if there is any). Well, creative directors, art directors, all the big shot in the industry will not sacrifice their time for a student exhibition. But from this project, all the big shot, artist, directors and so on will sacrifice their time for Malaysia (may be because the one who gather them is Pete…it doesn’t really matter).

So the point here is, make the exhibition more than a student graduate exhibition…find a reason why they should come over (definitely not only for our art works). The plan is gather my classmates and discuss about this before we gather the industry people….

What is the ONE thing that makes them come to our exhibition and are we going to make this work? (it definitely is a big entry to our port folio and make our self expose to the industry….look at Pete now, everyone know him)

Guys!!!Let’s make this work!!!

check the making of this song and interview out

to knwo further check this web out

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